Eureka Engine - is a high-speed modular type system
of linguistic text analysis that allows to extract
new knowledge and facts from unstructured data


  • Automatic Language Detection
    (67 languages);
  • Automatic
    Sentiment Analysis (ASA);
  • Text Classification
    (automatic classification);
  • Named Entity
    recognition (NER);
  • Normalisation;
  • Part of Speech Tagging

Eureka Engine can process data with unique speed - billions of documents per day on one server, there is a possibility of linear scaling. Eureka is a perfect solution when one needs (taken separately or together):

  • Processing of huge
    amount of data
    (hundreds of thousands
    or billions of texts);

  • Time efficient
    thread processing
    of materials per minute);

  • Processing of not only
    literary language
    (Mass Media, external document flow),
    but also of messages from social nets,
    fora, blogs.


Commercial REST API allows to integrate linguistic modules of Eureka Engine in minimal time, as well as to use it for development of new services in any platform. For instance:

  • Service of tagged and contextual advertising according to the subject of web-pages.
  • Automatic document tagging - for news agencies and industry publication.
  • Processing of a flow of incoming documents and gathered records for enterprise systems of document flow.
  • Creating new and improving the quality of already existing analytic signaling systems of monitoring of incoming/outcoming document and messages flow.
  • Automatic allocation and redirection of an incoming flow according to the language, topics, persons, geography and other features.
  • Conflicts recession and improvement in service by early detection of the change in polarity in correspondence with partners and clients.
  • Earl detection of new focuses of interest (persons, companies, products) in the field of interest.
  • etc


Eureka Engine is successfully applied in major analytical systems:
as a solution for governing of corporate information HP Autonomy, monitoring system
for Mass and social Media Brand Analytics.